Miami police help bust drug ring




MIAMI, Okla. – Luis Alfredo Jacobo is now behind bars.

The alleged California kingpin is accused of running drug rings that brought around 2000 pounds of methamphetamines to northern Oklahoma and southwest Missouri.

“This ring was just bringing in tons and tons of methamphetamine, starting in Mexico and bringing it in through California, over to Oklahoma and the distribution network here in the Midwest,” said Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

Jacobo was arrested on Monday in Bakersfield, California and one of the arresting officers is a member of the Miami Police Department.

Miami police teamed up with police in Grove, the DEA, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and many other investigative agencies to bring Jacobo and his conspirators to justice.

“They started this case, worked it here, worked it backwards up through the kingpin if you will, and flew out there with the DEA task force and finished up their case,” said Chief Anderson.

Chief Anderson also says that local, low level arrests helped his team connect meth in Miami to the larger drug ring.

“There were several local arrests and you end up going to their buyer, and working your way up the chain. But it does start with local people using drugs and getting arrested,” said Chief Anderson.

Nine other people were arrested with Jacobo on various drug conspiracy and criminal enterprise charges, including William Donavan Johnson III and Shauni Breanne Callagy of Grove, and Kelly Wayne Bryan of Joplin.