Miami Police Department prepares for ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign

Drunk driving increases during holiday seasons

Miami police officer Sean McDonald has encountered many drunk drivers while on the job.

“The worst for me is when people are drinking and driving and have their kids in the car, that’s the worst, but I’ve seen people so slobbering drunk they have a difficult time standing unassisted.”

So far in 2019, 35 arrests have been made for drunk driving in Miami. That number is down from 55 arrests last year.

Although the numbers are lower, Officer McDonald says continued education of drunk driving is very important.

“The first time you get to tell somebody that their family has been hurt because someone else chose to drink and drive I think is a pretty solid argument, never mind the lives that are lost, people that get hurt, futures that are ruined.”

With Labor day quickly approaching, holiday seasons are known as one of the most increased times for drunk driving.

“It’s a horrible danger just because you’re impairment or your motor skills are delayed or slowed, people have been known to pass out at the wheel just being under the influence is a huge safety factor for driving” said Miami Police Chief, Thomas Anderson.

For labor day, specifically August 14th through September 2nd, police presence will increase nationwide for the ‘Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over’ campaign. The campaign is done every year to deter people from drinking and driving.

Miami’s police department is preparing for it.

“We’re gearing up were planning some extra shifts, some targeted selective enforcement on high priority areas that are more susceptible to drivers and safety areas. We’re hoping to focus on those areas for drunk drivers and reduce the amount of drivers that are out” added Chief Anderson.

The Miami police department hopes that awareness of this campaign and knowledge of the increased police presence and potential sobriety checkpoints will steer people in the direction of not getting behind the wheel if intoxicated.

“These national campaigns have helped a lot and letting people know that we are out there, we are watching and be responsible” added Chief Anderson.

“I certainly hope that this gets out and around and people choose to stay home” added Officer McDonald.


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