Miami police chief commends teamwork in local gun bust

MIAMI, Okla. – Barbara Haworth is a Miami, Oklahoma grandmother who’s applauding city police and their partners after they successfully recovered more than 50 stolen guns.

“Well, I think it’s good. It kind of eases your mind about things, knowing they’re out there and protecting us,” said Barbara.

Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson says detectives with his department and partnering agencies were able to locate many of the guns stolen from Don Hume Leathergoods at a Miami residence thanks to good old fashioned police work.

“Miami PD officers along with an officer from BIA and another one from Quapaw Nation Tribal Marshals all went out, and started beating the streets and doing what they do best,” said Chief Anderson.

The case is off to a solid start but the chief says it’s far from closed.

“We’re still waiting for an inventory from the business. They estimate a little over 100 guns were stolen,” said Chief Anderson.

The chief also says arrests are forthcoming, and he’s hoping the remaining guns can be located as the investigation wraps up.

Until then, he’s tipping his cap to the officers who’ve located the firearms and applauding all agencies involved for their cooperation and teamwork.

“We have such a great relationship now with the county sheriff’s office, with all the tribal agencies, and we work together. Everybody’s goal is to make our community safer. And not just Miami, but the entire county, the entire area,” said Chief Anderson.