Miami Housing Authority to host housing rights training class

MIAMI, Okla. —For anyone renting property, it’s key to know what you can and can’t do.

 Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant.

“We just felt that it was important to educate people on the newest updates for fair housing and for the landlord-tenant act of Oklahoma,” said Mark McDowell with the Miami Housing Authority.

On Wednesday, the Miami Housing Authority will team up with the Tulsa area fair housing partnership to ensure residents are up-to-date on their rights when it comes to housing in the state.

“Miami just really needs to have some education for their landlords as well as for their tenants about fair housing and about fair tenant act. and what they can expect from both of those things,” McDowell said.

He added that it’s been some time since residents have received an update.

“There hasn’t been any training for quite a while, and the city itself of Miami is really trying to upgrade their housing that’s available for people in rentals, and so with us in the housing authority were kind of trying to partner with them in bringing better education about that to the city.”

The Housing Authority hopes that by having an event like this, they can draw in more landlords to meet their needs for subsidized housing, while also educating them, on their rights.

“Hopefully this will get people to participate in the subsidy program and we’ll want to get some good landlords that want to participate in that…there’s not enough houses for our tenants to rent in Miami.”

Brenda Sears, a tenant in Miami says having more education on housing rights would benefit everyone.

“Yes I think there needs to be more education on it, so people know, what Miami does have to offer in the housing situation here you know because a lot of people don’t know,” Sears said.

The class will be hosted at the E Street Plaza Safe Room, located at 528 7th SE, Miami Ok. It will take place from 10 am-12 pm.