Miami community shows concern for dog outside in the cold

MIAMI, Okla.  – The cold weather raises concerns in Miami, Oklahoma for pets, specifically one dog named Boomer.

Boomer has been the talk of the town. He gained his popularity on Facebook, where disturbed Miami residents posted their worry for the dog’s wellbeing. Joe Honeycutt grew up in Miami, although he no longer lives there, he is still active in the community and decided to take action online.

“Well I had been reading several posts that day that were related to the same dog, said Honeycutt. “I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on and see if there was anyway that I could help influence the situation.”

Honeycutt says he used Facebook to reach Boomer’s owner,

“I decided to go on the public website and make a post to the gentleman himself. I had told him there is such an importance to leaving your animals inside,” Honeycutt said.

This outrage from the community online is what caused police to get more involved. Miami police chief Thomas Anderson says they had a meeting with city officials after the dog’s rise online.

“The city manager after receiving numerous complaints wanted to make sure the situation was controlled within the law to make sure this animal’s taken care of,” said Anderson.

Anderson says they’ve known about this issue since November of last year. Boomer’s actually gotten a lot better since then, and according to Anderson gained 40 pounds. He says animal control is involved, which helped.

“He’s taking way better care of the animal than he was just a few months ago,” Anderson said. “And that’s because animal control has been working with him for the benefit of the animal.”

Anderson clarifies that he’s glad the community is looking out for these animals, but they know boomer is doing better.

“If you see an animal that is out let us check on them, but we know this dog has everything he needs to have,” said Anderson.

Anderson says animal control is keeping close tabs on boomer.