Miami community comes together to remember 11-year-old shooting victim

Candlelight vigil help Friday night

Tears shed from a community in mourning for a life gone too soon.

“Everybody’s taking it pretty hard but I mean Kayla was one of our own,” says Amanda Brown, who used to be Kayla’s daycare teacher.

Friends, family and hundreds of others gathered in Rotary Park for a candlelight vigil.

It was held to honor the life of 11-year-old Kayla Billings, who was killed in an alleged murder-suicide on Tuesday.

Brown says Kayla was a smart and wonderful little girl, so everyone will miss her.

“She was funny. I mean she was always kind of sassy, funny, and she was always really kind to all the other kids,” says Brown.

Amanda Greenfeather is a close friend of Melissa Wallace, Kayla’s mother, and considers them both family.

“I don’t have kids, but I look at Kayla as my own… it’s hard,” explains Greenfeather.

Dozens of white balloons were released in honor of Kayla and the unborn baby that Greenfeather says Wallace has unfortunately lost.

Chaplains from the Miami Police Department also spoke, lifting up the community and offering comforting words in an extremely hard time.

“Kayla has a voice here tonight, and the voice would be against domestic violence and for the community to come together and heal,” says Chaplain Kristy Bauer. “We’re here for the healing of the community.”

Now Greenfeather wants Wallace to see all the support that she has from the community.

“I really don’t think it’s hit her yet and I think it’ll hit her once she gets out and she has to face the real world,” says Greenfeather. “So, And I want her to see everybody that’s behind her and her family and Kayla, and that’s here for her.”


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