Miami Animal Alliance Cookie Walk Fighting Overpopulation

Funds Spay & Neuter Services
Miami Animal Alliance Cookie Walk Fighting Overpopulation
Miami Animal Alliance fund raiser

The Miami, Oklahoma Animal Alliance got help for its operation through cookie sales.

The third annual cookie walk in Vinita Sunday gave visitors a glove and a box to fill with tasty treats. Boxes were weighed with cookies costing six dollars a pound.

The alliance has more than one hundred dogs and thirty cats. Organizer Kim Gardner with the alliance said money will be used for spay and neuter services. “It’s the only solution to the pet overpopulation problem. We can adopt till our heads pop off and we will never slow it down because for every one we adopt, there’s three litters that roll in. So, spaying and neutering is the only way to stop our pet overpopulation problem,” said Gardner.

Pet owners could get their animals pictures taken with Santa at the event.