METS in Joplin celebrates 40 years of service

JOPLIN, Mo. – This week is National Emergency Medical Services Week, and today, Joplin’s own METS (Metro Emergency Transport System) hosted an open house to celebrate 40 years of service.

Before they changed their name, METS was known as JEMS – or Joplin Emergency Medical Service.

The organization was founded in 1982, and Jim Morgan, who was part of the original EMS crew attended the event.

Morgan stated:

“It was pretty exciting to see some of these guys. I have kind of kept in contact with a lot of them over the last several years and we obviously don’t see each other that often so it’s really nice to come back to a common ground where we can all sort of reminiscence and look at picture and see what we did 40 years ago.”

METS has a staff of about 90 people, and in 2021, they say they filed about 19 thousand calls and responded to about 10 thousand emergencies.