Mercy Makes the Big Move to the New Joplin Hospital

Mercy Makes the Big Move to the New Joplin Hospital

It’s a big job for Mercy. Ambulances run back and forth carrying patients from the temporary Joplin facility to the new state of the art hospital on 50th St and Hearnes Blvd.

“We all said it was kind of like a huddle for a football game, everybody put their hand in the middle, we had our prayer and then we said let’s rock and roll, let’s get to it,” says Emergency Department Medical Director Dr. Sean Smith.

It’s all hands on deck. It takes about twenty ambulances driving around three miles, making almost five round trips, taking around a hundred patients one by one to the new hospital.

“They actually practiced that a couple of times just to make sure that everything would flow so well. Because it’s really disruptive and we had some really sick patients that were moving,” says Mercy Joplin President & CEO Gary Pusipher.

The first to move were the 17 patients in the ICU. All in all it took the coordination of six different agencies to get everyone through the door safely

“They just came up and they were all so excited to get the last person. I got waves, and clapping and everything else,” says patient Marguerite Hosp.

In about four hours everyone was successfully transferred in. And at the same time nurses were still seeing patients in urgent care at the old facility.

And along the way arrived two bundles of joy.

“We delivered our first set of twins via C-section. Both mom and babies are doing well and recovering well. So we’re excited. We had the first babies in the new hospital so that kind of makes us feel like we’re back at home,” says OBGYN Dr. Jeffrey Manley.

It’s been a promise kept. A new hospital finally finished, about four years in the making.

Pulsipher says “In fact there’s a buzz around the entire place. Everybody you see. Even though new surroundings can be a little challenging sometimes there’s just a great level of excitement.”