Mercy Hospital Opens its Doors to the Public at Open House

Mercy Hospital Opens its Doors to the Public at Open House
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“A symbol of the toughest people on god’s green earth,” says Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Governor Nixon praises Joplin’s rebuilding and Mercy Hospitals as Four Staters get their first chance to look at the state of the art facility.

A building he says represents unity after the storm.

“We say another prayer of thanks and ask for the continued blessings that have made Joplin a beacon of hope and inspiration for the world.”

Nurse Rita Stiles puts out the welcome packets in the place she’s worked 34 years.

“It’s exciting. It really…the first time I walked in it was kind of like coming back home,” says Stiles.

And Mercy hopes that’s the case with the hundreds of people who took tours seeing patient and birthing rooms…and something new to the hospital a neonatal intensive care unit.

And for expectant mother Lindsey Gray, she’s excited to have her twins in the new birthing center in May.

“It looks very homey. And there’s lots of room, and lots of privacy,” says Gray.

Mercy hopes people notice when they first walk through the door, how much more open the new floor plan is, and how much easier it is to get from place to place.”

“I’s not so tight. So they bring everybody in one. And that way we don’t come to the hospital to feel as a hospital,” says visitor Thu Pius Nguyen.

And many of the Sisters of Mercy came from far away to see what the facilities have to offer

“First impressions, awesome.”


“Awesome,” say three Sisters of Mercy.

Mercy hopes people look at the hospital with a sense of pride.

“We’re really proud to have been part of bringing Joplin back. And the community of Joplin…it’s an inspiring community. They’ve…you’ve never stopped. From the moment the tornado hit you were in the eyes of the nation, but not just because of the catastrophe, but because of the incredible way you took care of your neighbor,” says Mercy President & CEO Lynn Britton.

And Mercy hopes to continue in that spirit for years to come.

The Hospital will officially open to the public on March 22.