Mercy Hospital buys Ortho Four States, Premiere Surgical Institute, Stateline Surgery Center in Galena

Mercy officials say patients should see very few changes

GALENA, Kan. – Mercy hospital has bought three medical centers in Galena, Kansas — something that could mean some changes for the town.

“This is kind of the end road of something that’s been going on and in the works for, believe it or not, a couple of years,” says Tracy Godfrey, Mercy Joplin Clinic Director.

Mercy Hospital is now the owner of Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States, Premiere Surgical Institute, and Stateline Surgery Center.

“We finally have a fantastic group of orthopedic surgeons as part of Mercy Joplin. That’s been a gap for us,” says Godfrey.

Officials say patients shouldn’t see anything different in the immediate future, as they plan to keep the doctors and staff at the centers and accept the insurance of current patients.

Godfrey also says they could expand what’s offered there in the future.

“This acquisition does open up that opportunity of additional surgical specialties that may be able to go over there,” says Godfrey.

But, past patients have voiced their concerns with the change on social media, with many saying their concerned the centers will end up like the Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott, Kansas that was closed by Mercy in February 2019.

“Orthopedics is a key service line. It is practically considered primary care. So, there’s no risk that I can think of that we would be not still working together in the future,” says Godfrey.

And since Mercy is a non-profit organization, the city of Galena will be losing property tax revenue.

Mayor Lance Nichols says they’ve set it up so that it will have only a minimal impact.

“I don’t think it’s anything we can’t overcome. We did not base our local Galena budget off those funds. So when those funds go away, it won’t impact the mill levy,” says Nichols.

In the end, Mayor Nichols thinks the change will be a good thing for everyone.

“It’s a win-win situation for the city and the county,” says Nichols.

Signage at the clinics will be changing to Mercy in August after electronic health records are changed.