Meet one of Missouri’s newest lawmakers

Meet one of Missouri’s newest lawmakers

Republican Representative Bob Bromley represents around 38,000 Missourians with a district that covers the southern halves of Carl Junction and Webb City, the northern part of Joplin, all of Duenweg, and parts of Carterville and Duquesne. The freshman representative and traditional conservative says bringing good jobs to the area is a top goal of his.

“Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle because the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, and job creation and business expansion that helps makes the lives of people here better is really what I’d like to focus on,” said Bromley.

KOAM/Fox 14 asked Rep. Bromley how he feels about the state of Missouri providing tax breaks to attract job creators.

“If you’re going after a lot of large companies that create a lot of jobs it is very important for the states to do that because the other states will get those jobs as opposed to your state. When it comes to very localized smaller businesses, I don’t believe it’s quite fair that you could have a business in one city, somebody could come in and compete against you, and they get tax breaks and you don’t,” said Bromley.

Representative Bromley also says advice from local government and business leaders as well as his constituents, will play a huge roll in his priorities and how he votes. And he’s already been reaching out to many of them including the Webb City Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Webb City Chamber of Commerce, their local businesses need jobs filled, which is why they started a program that familiarizes local high schoolers with the jobs available in their own backyard. They like the student enthusiasm so far, and wouldn’t mind if their state representative saw what they’re doing first hand.

“I should invite him to come visit one of our sessions, and he can see some of the things we’re doing,” said Gwen Allen, the chamber’s executive director.