Meet Kansas kids ready for adoption

Currently, about 500 Kansas children are in foster care waiting to be adopted. The children are of all ages, races and ethnicities, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The majority of waiting children are age 8 or older, part of a sibling group of three or more, or have special needs.

Following are profiles of a few of those children.

Anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent may visit the Adopt Kansas Kids website at or email

Kael, Kaeden, Kinsley Adopt Kansas Kids

Kael, Kaeden, Kinsley

Kaeden, 10, CH-7739, Kael, 8, CH-7740 and Kinsley, 6, CH-7741

Kaeden, Kael and Kinsley are active siblings who enjoy being together and wish to be adopted together into a family that will love them unconditionally!

Kaeden likes to build and repair things and enjoys helping with projects around the house and in the yard. He also likes to read, play soccer and basketball, fish, swim, draw and work with wood. His favorite class is science because he likes experimenting with things. That’s probably why he’d like to be an inventor when he grows up. He’d also like to be a soccer player and a wizard! Kaeden works very hard at running fast, and he’s proud that he finished first recently in a race against his classmates.

Kael has a lot of friends and he enjoys being with them. He likes to stay active playing sports, and he’d like to try additional sports. Other hobbies include playing the Xbox, working on the tablet computer, playing Nerf guns, dot-to-dot puzzles and reading his Highlight magazine. Kael is proud that he can make people happy by helping them, and he’s often the first person to offer help when it’s needed. Kael would like to be a police officer and a basketball player when he grows up.

Kinsley is a happy, outgoing girl who loves to be the center of attention! She likes to talk, is very determined and likes to try new things.  Her latest challenge is learning to ride a bicycle! Kinsley enjoys swimming, dancing and watching Disney Plus. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and she loves My Little Pony and unicorns. Reading books about unicorns is one of her favorite activities! When she’s older, she’d like to be a doctor and take care of unicorns and horses.

Kaeden, Kael and Kinsley would do best in a family that would offer them consistency and structure. They would like to continue to maintain a relationship with their grandparents, who live in Kansas.

Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Keziah B 8 3 2020 Adopt Kansas Kids


Keziah, 5, CH-7732

Keziah is a loving young girl who enjoys helping around the house, participating in school programs and activities and playing outside. She said she’d like to join a family that likes to play outside and loves Taco Bell! Keziah enjoys helping to cook. She also likes watching television and playing on her tablet computer. Funny videos on Kids YouTube are sure to make Keziah laugh! Math is her favorite class at school, and she thinks she might like to be a teacher when she grows up. Keziah would do best in a stable, structured environment. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Jordan W 7 30 2020, Adopt Kansas Kids


Jordan, 5, CH-7719

Jordan is an active young boy who will need a patient, loving family willing to invest the time to bond with him and help him reach his potential! Jordan loves to be wrapped in a blanket, and he enjoys sorting objects in a row. He likes to play with his foster dad, who often makes him laugh! Because of his needs, Jordan requires supervision and care. He does well at home and in school, where he requires assistance to function at his best. His future forever family must make sure that Jordan receives the services that will benefit him now and into adulthood. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Kion S 4 25 20 Adopt Kansas Kids


Kion, 15, CH-7684

Kion makes friends easily, and the teen’s broad smile lights up his face! Kion is a very active boy who enjoys shooting hoops in the driveway and fiddling with small toys – cars, or anything that can fit in his pocket. He doesn’t like being still for long, unless it’s to watch a movie or play a video game. In fact, Kion would like to be a professional gamer when he grows up. Kion does best when he can build a relationship with a strong adult male mentor who can talk him through his emotions and guide him in making good choices. His ideal family would be very patient and understanding while setting clear expectations and providing structure and support. Only families living in Kansas are being considered for Kion at this time.

Steven B 1 6 10 2020 Adopt Kansas Kids


Steven, 8, CH-7694

Like a musical start to the morning? Steven, a happy little boy, loves to sing – especially in the shower! He also loves to dance to TikTok videos! Steven likes going to the park and zoo, swimming, riding his bike, playing soccer and participating in gymnastics. Tickle Steven and he’s sure to laugh! He also likes to watch funny shows. Steven is very intelligent and does well in school. His favorite class is computers because he likes to play Prodigy. Steven is proud when he’s able to help people, and he’d like to be a firefighter when he grows up. Steven would like to join a family that has lots of people who would spend quality individual time with him – including adult children, aunts, uncles or grandparents. It would be helpful if his family were knowledgeable about parenting children who have experienced trauma. Steven is an active boy, so he’d like a family that would be active with him and cheer him on in his activities. He needs a family that would provide structure and direction but also patience and understanding. Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.