Meet a teacher who’s fit in a way she never thought was possible

Mary Colvin is healthier than she's ever been before.

“I mean, I can’t imagine how I let myself do that.”

Both physically and mentally, Mary Colvin has come a long way.

“The health and the things I can do now,” she says, “there’s no way I could’ve done when I started this journey.”

For years, Mary did nothing to change her health, and while her physical condition consistently bothered her, her mental health is what was taking the biggest toll.

“I’m the eighth grade sponsor at my school so I take the eighth graders to Silver Dollar City every spring, and it got to the point where I didn’t even attempt to get on the roller coasters because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by not being able to get the seatbelt on,” she says. “We would travel and do things and you want to walk around and see all the sites, and I wasn’t able to do that. That kind of gets you down because you want to live life but you’re just kind of sitting there and you’re not able to get up because it hurts.”

Like many Americans with a New Years resolution, Mary had tried working out before. This time, she says the difference maker was starting slow, allowing herself to make progress she could feel good about.

“I started out doing pushups on the wall. Instead of jumping jacks, it was one leg at a time type of thing. Instead of saying, I’m gonna do this I’m gonna lose it quick, it was babysteps and it was continuous….So I think that was the big difference was I didn’t jump in and I focused more on looking at what I can do now instead of the scale.”

A few years later, Mary’s now lost ninety pounds and walked two 5Ks, and the impact it’s had on her happiness outweighs it all.

“Health is about more than losing weight. There were days starting out and there are still days today when I don’t want to go to the gym, I don’t want to go work out. But it’s amazing, I’ve always felt better when I did. Not only my body, but my mental state of being able to say ‘I did it.’ Every time I get that thought in my head of feeling tired, I would go because I’d tell myself you’ll feel better and every time that was the case.”

Changing Mary’s everyday life in ways she never thought it could.

“It’s so fun to go back now and last year and to be able to get on the roller coasters and not even have to think about, ‘Hey, ride this with me!’ or they’ll say ‘Mrs. Colvin! Come do this with us!’ and it’s like okay I’ll do that! There’s nothing to stop me anymore.

“They’re ‘A-ha!’ moments, and I think I’ve enjoyed that mental part of it more than anything else.”


Mary Colvin was interviewed at Pinamonti Wellness Center in Pittsburg, KS