Medicalodges Girard residents move to Frontenac location due to worker shortages

GIRARD, Ks. & FRONTENAC, Ks.–Medicalodges in Girard, Kansas is moving nineteen residents to their Frontenac location. 

Medicalodges says it’s due to the company dealing with a worker shortage.

In a statement that Medicalodges sent to KOAM, we were informed that an ongoing worker shortage was the reason for the move and that this will ensure residents will continue to receive the necessary care and services. 

“The ongoing workforce shortage forced the move to ensure residents continued to receive
necessary care and services. Residents and their family members were notified personally and by phone
and were agreeable and understanding of the necessity of the move. The Kansas Department of Aging
and Disability Services, as well as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, were also informed in advance
of the emergency move as the result of a workforce crisis.” said Medicalodges Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Shannon Lager.

Medicalodges responded that the move went smoothly and that all Medicalodges Girard residents who were moved arrived at the Frontenac location on Wednesday afternoon. 

“Medicalodge’s first priority is to care for our residents. Our experience is not unlike that of many
employers in the area and across the country in that we have been unable to attract and hire sufficient
personnel to care for our residents at our Girard location. Healthcare, and long term care settings
especially, have been significantly affected by the workforce shortage” Lager said.

Due to the proximity of the two locations, remaining employees from the Girard location were able to transfer to Girard.

“We are thankful to have another location in close proximity so resident
family members and visitors are still close by. The close proximity has also allowed the remaining
Medicalodges Girard employees to transfer to Medicalodges Frontenac along with the residents. It is
expected the move for residents and employees will be temporary but is dependent upon an improved

We reached out to see if a vaccine mandate had anything to do with the worker shortage, and have not yet heard back.