MDC class teaches basics of canoeing/kayaking

CARTHAGE, Mo. – As the weather heats up and COVID restrictions lift, more people are flocking to lakes and rivers. Canoes and Kayaks are popular ways to enjoy the water.

To help people learn more about the water-craft, the Missouri Department of Conservation Tuesday hosted clinics at Kellogg Lake in Carthage. The “Introduction to Canoe and Kayak” clinics taught people about basic equipment and techniques for safely using Missouri streams and lakes.

“Right now, we’ve had so much rain lots of water and there is lots of swift current,” said Conservation Educator Andy Rhoads. “It’s really not safe for a lot of beginners to be out on some of these waters, so being able to find a nice still section of water to practice really is key right now.”

The clinics were open to anyone ages 7 and up.