McNatt Baptist Church destroyed by flooding, members hope to rebuild

All furniture was thrown away, walls stripped
McNatt Baptist Church destroyed by flooding, members hope to rebuild

Joiana Heck has attended the McNatt Baptist church since she was a little girl.
She turns 97 years old soon but remembers it like it was yesterday.

“I would go with my sister, and she drove the buggy because we didn’t have a car at that time and I lived in the country about a mile and a half, something like, that from the church, so we just made that our church home.”

The building has stood its ground since the 1900’s, but it won’t survive this time after recent flood waters reached around 32 inches inside of the church.

McNatt Baptist Church destroyed by flooding, members hope to rebuild

“Terribly bad, I just thought oh if I could just do something to stop the water from getting into our church” added Heck.

The damage was so bad that all the furniture inside was thrown away, and the walls were stripped down because of the mold.

Pastor Jeff Miller says it’s sad to see but that the church is more than just a building.

“The thing is nobody made it to church that day so it’s like we know God had his hand on it the whole time, you know he was protecting his church, the building might have been destroyed but the church, his people were protected.”

The doors of McNatt Baptist church will remain locked as Pastor Miller says they are going to find a new place to rebuild.

“We just know that we need to leave that area, it wouldn’t be responsible to rebuild right there next to the creek you know with flooding the way it is. It seems like flooding every year, it’s getting closer and closer to the church so it’s time to look elsewhere to rebuild.”

Pastor Miller says they are considering selling the land that the church is on to help fund the new building.
But that it’s in God’s hands now as they search for a new place to call home.

“We’re looking forward to the future” added Miller.

Joiana Heck hopes it can be rebuilt soon.

“My heart just loves the community of the church and everything and I would like for it to, you know, continue if it could.”

The church services are currently being held at Crowder College’s B-S-U building. Many members of the church are elderly like Heck.

If you would like to help with a donation to the McNatt Baptist church rebuilding fund, you can send a check or money order to 2489 Allison Rd. Anderson, MO 64831.


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