McDonald County students create podcast to strengthen their learning experience

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – Summer School students in McDonald County had the opportunity to talk to researchers today while conducting their very own podcast as part of the SOAP program.

Students in Keith Jone’s outdoor class have spent part of their summer studying the whip-or-will bird species native to the area.

KNEO Radio Station connected students with Dr. Elly Knight and Dr. Elora Grahame from the University of Alberta, who specialize in studying whip-or-wills.

“Something I wasn’t expecting was learning about birds coming into this, but as we learned more about birds and whip-or-wills, the more fun our adventure has been,” said Troy Tyner-Rocky, 7th Grader.

Research indicates that bringing a podcast into youth instruction helps students understand the importance of interview tactics throughout their school careers and beyond. Being able to ask questions and interact with others is a big part of the student’s educational growth.