Red Ribbon Week: McDonald County students “Blow Away” drugs

McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – McDonald County students “Blow Away” drugs as part of Red Ribbon Week.

Students from kindergartners through 2nd grade took part in a bubble-blowing activity. Organizers say it’s a fun way to address the tough subject of addiction.

Red Ribbon Week is a national alcohol, tobacco and drug violence prevention campaign.

In addition to bubbles, the students also got an activity sheet. It included conversation starters, “drug-free” bracelets as well as activity books that promote positive thinking and healthy activities.

The McDonald County School District partnered with The McDonald County Community Coalition to put on today’s activities. The Coalition is a branch of The Alliance of Southwest Missouri.

This year’s national campaign theme is “Drug Free Looks Like Me”. It’s a reminder that everyday Americans make significant daily contributions to their communities. They do this by being the best they can be because they live Drug-Free.

Red Ribbon and its Resources

The National Family Partnership started The Red Ribbon Campaign. Back in 1980, a handful of concerned and determined parents established NFP as a grassroots, nonprofit organization. They believed they should begin to play a leadership role in drug prevention. So, they did.

NFP makes several resources available through its campaigns. You can find a list of helpful tools for parents and also educators here.

Red Ribbon Campaign 2021 Theme