Masks will be required on the campus of Pitt State starting Monday

All student, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Pitt State’s goal is to get everyone back on campus this fall and stay on campus.

“We think one of the most important things we can do to do that, and to lessen the spread of the virus, is for everyone to wear a mask. It’s pretty clear that science says that. I know that some people won’t want to wear a mask, but we think it’s essential we require masks,” says Pittsburg State University President Steve Scott.

PSU officials want the requirement to apply across campus – any time you cannot maintain a safe distance. This requirement will be in place for the foreseeable future.  Exceptions to the rule will be those who are alone in an office or work space and well-distanced from others, students alone in their residence hall rooms, those who are outside and well-distanced from others, and those who have a recognized disability and have an accommodation that prevents wearing a mask.

The decision to mandate a mask policy on campus was a reaction to an increase in coronavirus cases in the immediate area.

“I think people will see this as us putting the safety, wellness, health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors – putting that first,” Scott adds.

Pitt State nursing student Haley Eshelebrenner feels good about the new mask requirement.

“It makes me feel proud to say I’m a Pitt State Gorilla when I see how they are taking such good care of their students and faculty and just the town in general,” Eshelebrenner says.

Faculty member Fang Lin says he is willing to sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to public heath.

“I don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing masks, but I also thought if wearing masks can help us to prevent the virus from spreading – if we can just save one life by wearing masks, I think it’s worth doing,” Lin adds.

The university is providing masks to employees. Students should be prepared to supply their own masks.