Many 4-Staters want to see presidential debate changes

The Presidential Debate


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Political analysts are saying the first presidential debate of 2020 was chaotic but what do 4-Staters think, and what changes would they make for the next one?

KOAM spoke with 4-Staters shopping at Pittsburg’s Meadowbrook Mall on Wednesday to find out.

“It was a fiasco,” said Betty, who was at the mall with her daughter.

“It was like watching a bunch of two-year-olds at a circus,” said Brian, a Parsons man who was at the mall with his wife.

Neither candidate got glowing reviews from the 4-Staters who spoke to KOAM, and the debates constant interruptions were their biggest annoyance with many 4-Staters pointing fingers at the president.

“That seems to be Trump’s tactic. Disrupt and shout over people,” said Brian’s wife Laura.

And when it comes to improving the next presidential debate, these 4-Staters were all on the same page with their advice.

“I think they should just cut the mike off for the one that’s not supposed to be talking,” said Betty.

“If your two minutes are up, or you’re speaking over someone, they should cut your mike,” said Lori, a shopper from Pittsburg.

“We need to have a stricter moderator, or else shut off the mike completely on whoever’s not following the guidelines,” said Laura.

And these 4-Staters might just get the mike muting wishes granted. According to CBS News, the commission that oversees the presidential debates says it will be changing the format of the remaining two presidential debates, and plans to cut off microphones if either candidate breaks the rules.