Many 4-State grocery stores say shelves are stocked

A Pittsburg Shopper At Rons Supermarket

Supply, shipping, and trucking issues have led to higher prices and empty shelves at stores across the country, and it’s got many shoppers concerned.

A new survey from Oracle says that 52% of Americans have responded by getting a head start on their holiday shopping.

But when it comes to keeping the pantry stocked, 4-Staters may be in luck. The owner of Ron’s Supermarket in Pittsburg says that planning ahead has his grocery store ready for the holidays.

“We have not experienced the supply chain issues that we were experiencing a year ago. There are a few things here and there but we work very closely with our suppliers to make sure that when we see something coming, we prepare for it and order in advance,” said Tim Rhodes, owner and manager of Ron’s Supermarket.

And it’s not just Ron’s Supermarket that says shoppers can find what they need. KOAM also reached out to Apple Market in Columbus, King Cash Saver in Carthage, Harps in Joplin, and Food 4 Less in Joplin, and only Food 4 Less said they’re having issues keeping items in stock.

The other grocery stores say shoppers don’t have to take any extra steps to get what they need for a holiday feast.

“We are looking at our turkey supply chain in regards to our meat shop, and right now we’re in good shape. So we haven’t started any preordering for customers on that just yet because we know we’re getting everything we’re supposed to,” said Rhodes.

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