Man Speaks About Hurt, Need for Prayers After Mom was Burned to Death

Man Speaks About Hurt, Need for Prayers After Mom was Burned to Death

A man whose mother was burned to death last weekend speaks about the continued comfort his family needs. Baxter Springs police say the crime happened early Saturday morning. The Cherokee County sheriff called it “despicable.”

We want to warn you that details you are about to read from Kevin Tackett, the victim’s son, are explicit. Tackett says only extra prayers and support will get him and his family through this difficult time.

“You know eventually your parents are going to pass away,” says Tackett. “But you can’t be prepared for anything like this.”

Crime tape still surrounds where Tackett’s mom, 65-year-old Sharon Horn, died.

“She was really good with us and the grand kids, and would call, and I would be like, yeah mom…here ya are again! (speaking about how sometimes mothers can be annoying, in a good way, no matter how old you get),” says Tackett.

Tackett says his mom frequently opened her home to the girlfriend of an abusive distant relative of Horn. According to Tackett, this gesture of kindness upset Horn’s distant relative. Tackett says Horn’s distant relative came to Horn’s home with a a gas can and began assaulting Horn in her bedroom.

“Somehow she gets away,” says Tackett.

One of Horn’s grandchildren was staying with her during the incident.

“It’s really hard for me to ask my niece about the details, because I know how hard it is on her,” says Tackett. “I think that’s when he starts dumping gas on everybody. The officers ran inside and as soon as the suspect saw them running, he started throwing gas on them also, and that’s when he lit the place up. The officers grabbed the suspect and grabbed my niece, went outside, and they didn’t know my mom was in the house.”

Tackett says police went back inside the home to get his mom, who died on the way to a hospital in Springfield.

Tackett says he and the rest of his family, and extended family, need prayers.

“We’re a family of faith. Your family gets tried in times like this,” says Tackett.

Click here for a GoFundMe page that’s been set up for this family. The family says they need financial assistance for buying new clothes for Horn’s grandchild, and a memorial service for Horn.

Two officers were also set on fire by the suspect, and a third officer who tried to extinguish the fire was also injured.

Charges have not yet been filed against the suspect in this case.

A grandchild of Horn says she remembers many fun times with Horn. Click the associated video to watch one short clip of Horn on a trampoline with her grandchildren.