Man replants dozens of trees damaged in tornado

More than a month after the devastating tornado that ripped through East Nashville, families are still trying to rebuild homes.

“Tarps are coming down and roofs are going up,” said Micah Puncochar.

Micah’s neighbor and brother, Dave and his family are still waiting on repairs to their home before they can move back in.

“It’s been really painful to drive through the neighborhood,” said Dave.

That’s when Micah got the idea of how to help start the process of putting their neighborhood back together, by replanting trees.

“We lost a lot of beautiful trees too a lot of classic oaks and poplars,” said Micah.

He asked for donations online and they began pouring in from all over the country, collecting more than $7,000. That money then turned into more than 80 trees.

Before the tornado, the East Nashville neighborhood was flooded with hundreds of large old trees. Micah and Dave say now, the newer younger trees are a sign of hope.

“My kids get to help plant the trees,” said Dave.

In the last week, the brothers and their families have helped turn soil, set the trees and add mulch and water, planting each tree for free in more than 20 neighbor’s yards and for future generations to climb on.

“To see spring emerge and a leaf unfurl from a tree is a poetic thing that people get excited about,” said Micah.

“This is a first step to bringing the neighborhood back,” said Dave. “Don’t ask your friends just do something nice and they’ll love it. It’s that simple.”

Micah is no longer accepting donations. He suggests finding other ways to help around Nashville through the Nashville Tree Conservation Corp or other groups to help replant trees damaged in the tornado.