Man Held at Newton County Connected To Drug-Trafficking Stories

The story spans across the country and the border, as well as across various media.

Guillermo Ramirez-Peyro is the subject of numerous stories connecting him to the Mexican drug cartel and the US government.

According to other media outlets, Ramirez-Peyro was a paid informant for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He allegedly infiltrated the Juarez drug cartel and became a valuable source that led to many criminal arrests.

But his supposed actions on the right side of the law are matched by actions on the other side.

“I’m well aware of the stories that have been coming forward in the last few days about his past and his involvement with the Mexican cartel and federal authorities,” said Sheriff Ken Copeland of Newton County. “We have not be contacted by any federal authorities to verify that. I’m not saying he’s not, he very well may be.”

There does appear to be legitimate issues that are out there.

A simple Internet search links Ramirez-Peyro to committing suspected crimes, including trafficking of illegal substances and participating in the house of death murders, in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez.

According to Newton County Papers, Ramirez-Peyro’s friend stated she was scared for her and her family’s well-being while she was involved with him. She urged officials to perform a search on stories that connect him to multiple murders.

Considering Ramirez -Peyro’s supposed dark past, Sheriff Copeland says the proper security measures are being taken while he is under their custody.

“We’ve had as many as six being held here are one time for homicide. Have our share here in Newton County of meth dealers. W we’ve had gang members out of different cities being held here. And we’re very confident that he’ll continue being held here until whatever disposition is that happens for him.”