Man arrested for shooting a dog in Parsons

4 Year Old Zues A Miniature Schnauzer Found After Being Shot In Parsons Is Rescued

4-year-old “Zues” a Miniature Schnauzer found after being shot in Parsons is rescued. (Photo from PPD)

PARSONS, Kan. – Video surveillance shows a dog made no advancement before getting shot by a Parsons man.

On March 3. 2021, around 8:58 a.m., a resident called the Parsons Police Department about a dog that was shot in the 1400 block of South 12th Street. The witness told police that the person who shot the dog immediately left in a white SUV.

Officers spoke to witnesses and identified the alleged shooter. Police then found video surveillance of the incident, which according to the Police Department, showed the dog, “Zues,” a 4-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, making no advancement on the man to provoke being shot.

The PPD says the man appeared to go to a nearby vehicle after seeing the dog, gets a pistol then ‘stalks’ his way over to the dog. The release says the man, “takes careful and deliberate aim and fires a shot striking the animal in the hip and leg area.” The dog was then seen injured and bleeding as it ran southwest.

Sgt. Waylon Kepley tracked Zues’s blood trail and found the wounded Schnauzer laying in a front yard in the 1300 block of Southern Avenue near its home. The dog was still alive but suffering from shock. Officers requested the animal control vehicle come to take the Miniature Schnauzer to the Parsons Animal Hospital for emergency care.

The Parsons Animal Hospital contracts with the City for animal impoundment and emergency care of animals that officers find in the city.

At around 10:20 am, A/Commander Kyle Wiford located the alleged shooter at his place of employment. The Parsons man said he shot the dog because it bared its teeth at him. He said that the animal didn’t attack him, but simply bared its teeth.

The suspect told police that he had contact the Parsons Police numerous times about this animal and had received no assistance with the matter. Authorities checked police records and found no calls made by the man regarding a roaming Schnauzer. There was one call made in 2019 regarding a loose Labrador.

Authorities arrested the man and are asking for charges of felony cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor count of criminal discharge of a firearm in city limits.

The Pittsburg Police Department says the firearm used in the incident was collected as well as a second firearm he had on his person at the time of his arrest.

Cruelty to animals in this situation is a felony with a maximum penalty of up to one-year in prison with a maximum fine of up to $5,000.

The owners of Zues have been contacted and the dog at loose issue has also been addressed. They took responsibility and were cooperative during the investigation, according to the Parsons Police Department.

According to Wiford, there was probable cause to arrest the man based on the witnesses, video evidence, the suspect’s statements and the wounds to the victim dog. Wiford says, “I shake my head with this kind of an inhumane act being committed by a human.”

“We hope these charges send a clear message to anyone who needs to hear it – this sort of conduct isn’t just wrong, it’s criminal,” said Kepley.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, “In policing we are confronted by a host of violent, egregious and inhumane acts. Pets are to receive guardianship and are the most vulnerable to abuse and cruelty. I was flabbergasted today when I heard about not just the illegal discharge of a handgun in the city limits by an irresponsible individual. I was shocked once I heard about the details of the shooting and how “Zues” a small dog was pursued by the Suspect and then shot with clear and precise intent.”

“Who would literally stalk and shoot “Zues,” a small 4-year-old dog?” said Spinks.

“I talked with Veterinarian Eva Dudek this afternoon,” said Spinks, “she had performed stabilizing surgery on the Zues’s hip and leg. The pooch had lost considerable blood, but Officers were able to transport the animal quickly to the Parsons Pet Hospital where surgery to stabilize the animal was done.”

According to Dudek, Zues is being transferred to Kansas State University where it is scheduled for extensive surgery in the hopes that its hind leg can be saved. She estimates that surgery could easily cost the family $4,000.

“I’m hoping that we can help the family establish a Go Fund Me Account to assist them with cost of surgery,” said Dudek. “Zues was a young and fortunately strong dog that we hope can be saved from such a vile and heartless attack.”

It’s KOAM’s policy to not release the name of a suspect until formal charges are filed. In this case, as of Wednesday afternoon, March 3, 2021, formal charges are not appearing in the state’s records.