Making a musical in two weeks

The Lion King Jr. will be at Memorial Auditorium.

What can you make happen in fourteen days? According to a group of kids in Pittsburg, a lot.

This weekend, after two weeks of prop making, set building, and costume designing, the Just Off Broadway Theatre Camp will be putting on its performance of the Lion King Jr. This is a major production with more than 100 costumes and masks made from scratch.

“All of our costumes, all of our props, the set too – is all done by us,” said Ella Rhuems, who plays the role of Timon. “We have kids from 4th grade to upcoming sophomores. You would think that’s a big age gap in a show, and honestly, it is. You’ve got people who this is their first show, and this is my twenty-first or twenty-second show.”

On top of transforming Memorial Auditorium into the African svannah, they’ve taken on the choreography, lines, and lyrics.

“We split up some of our time. In the first days of rehearsal, some people would be singing while other people worked on costumes, then they’d switch,” said Jack Stefanoni, a 9th grader who plays the role of Scar.

Twelve high school counselers oversee the production.

“Now we’re at a place where we get to help the kids, and it’s a very different view of seeing how the show gets put together. Instead of being in the dance rehearsals, watching the dance rehearsals, and just helping them get better instead of trying to get better ourselves,” said Emma Noonoo, one of the high school counselors.

“I mean it directly relates to the show. In the Circle of Life, you’ve got these young animals that don’t know what they’re doing and then you’ve got the older ones that’re showing them what to do. That’s exactly what we’re doing here and I think it works very well.”

TICKETS: $5 at the door

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