“Make-a-Wish” helps 5 year old Neosho boy’s wish come true

NEOSHO, Mo.–In 2019, Oliver Ruth suffered a major stroke after fighting influenza. Now at five years old, he’s still receiving therapy and treatments for it.

Two years ago, he was supposed to go to Disneyworld as a part of Make-a-wish, but due to Covid-19 it was postponed.

His mother, Amanda Ruth said they found “Make-a-Wish” through Oliver’s doctor.

“Oliver had a stroke, and then he was referred to Make-A-Wish by his Children’s Mercy neurologist in Kansas City.”

His mother says it’s been hard for their family. 

“It hasn’t been an easy road at all. we’re still going to therapies and many doctor visits.”

But on Friday, Oliver and his family didn’t have to think about all of that, instead, he received a big suprise from his classmates, and Make-a-wish.

Now, their family is able to focus on getting ready, for an all expenses paid trip to Disneyworld.

“They they have therapy and they have the doctor’s appointments. and this is the week that he gets to eat ice cream for breakfast if he chooses and go on his roller coasters as he wants, as he chooses,” said 

But Oliver says the best part was meeting his favorite Star Wars Character, Darth Vader. He says his favorite thing about Vader, is his light saber.

“when he touches your light saber, your hand, your hand gets cut off,” he said.

Oliver’s mother said lightsaber battles are a common occurence in the Ruth household.

“Him and his brothers, they play with lightsabers all the time at home, so it’s like constant star wars battle.”

For his mom Amanda, watching him get to live that out in real life with his favorite star wars character was a dream come true.

“I was happy that he was getting to live his dream, do something he he’s always wanted to do. “

Oliver says he’s most excited to see his favorite character again in Orlando.

When asked about Oliver choosing Darth Vader as his favorite, Make a wish says they just hope he doesn’t go over to the dark side.