Major flooding in Neosho, resident says the worst in 34 years

Newton county performed over 20 water rescues
Major flooding in Neosho, resident says the worst in 34 years

Flood waters in Neosho left many roads impassable, once again.

“Well this we call this Lafayette river a lot of times, but in this area this is the worst it’s been in 34 years” said longtime resident Jerry Shields.

Shields was unable to reach his home on S. Lafayette St. due to high waters.

“I’m not going to take a chance going down that now, I was just observing to see how bad it was, no one should go through water like that, turn around”

His neighbor across the street said that the waters had completely flooded his basement.

Some roads blocked off like S. Lafayette St. are; West Spring St., W South St. behind Westco and Wildcat Corner gas station, Lazy Boy Dr. was also impassible, among many other roads.

A semi-truck attempted to drive through high waters on Lazy Boy Dr. before a City of Neosho worker showed up in time to stop him from doing so.

The Newton County Sheriff’s department said they had performed well over 20 water rescues.

Newton County Emergency Management said there were about 5 or 6 rescue boats in the water at one time, Redings Mill, 4 States water rescue, and the Newton County water rescue teams were all assisting.

There were no reported casualties or severe injuries.

Waters started to recede by the end of the night, Sunday, June 23rd, but Emergency Management warned to avoid all of Neosho as crews assessed the damage.

“In this area be prepared also because you don’t know what this weather is going to do and if you see a flooded road turn around don’t drown” added Shields.
Cavalry Baptist opened up an emergency shelter for Neosho residents whose homes were flooded.