Luck runs out on Joplin business hosting illegal slot machines

The Chill House In Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. – You won’t find anybody chilling at the Chill House in Joplin these days. That’s because the business has closed its doors ever since the Joplin Police raided the building for hosting illegal slot machines.

“Detectives during their investigation found that there were slot machines inside the business that were paying cash winnings,” said Joplin Police Captain Will Davis.

Twenty-three slot machines were seized during the Chill House raid and the business owner is now looking at felony gambling charges.

“The owner of the business, we’ve sought criminal charges against him which is a Class E felony in the state of Missouri, so he is going through the court process. He’ll have his day in court,” said Captain Davis.

Slot machines are nothing new to the 4-State area but they’re typically confined to casinos.

You may have even seen one in a gas station in Missouri, but the ones KOAM encountered had labeling indicating the machines were “no contest/no chance amusement devices” and were not in violation of the show me state’s gambling statutes.

The J.P.D. says that clearly wasn’t the case at Chill House.

“Gambling is controlled by the state of Missouri, and the Department of Public Safety has employees that go out and this is what they investigate and help regulate. And we’ve been working with them during the course of the investigation,” said Captain Davis.

KOAM reached out to the owner of Chill House to get his side of the story but did not receive a response.