Low turnout for local elections

Low turnout for local elections
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There are 44 polling locations in Jasper County, but they’re all a bit slower than usual, as April elections typically draw a smaller crowd, and that affects overall election costs.

Jasper County’s election costs about $92,000, and when there are more voters, the cost per person is less.

About $38,000 goes to poll workers, and $36,000 goes to the ballot budget, smaller than normal as the lower turnout was expected.

Even so, voters who did make it out today wish more would participate in local elections.

“The national elections, I feel, are almost like on the same level as the local elections because the decisions we make on a small scale will affect the decisions we make on a large scale,” said Haven McDaniel.

“I love this country, and I love the freedom, and I’m afraid it’s slipping away,” said Ralph Brock Sr.

540 absentee ballots were filed in Jasper County.