Lord’s Diner prepares for increase in service

The Lord's Diner provides free meals to those in need.
The Lord's Diner Pittsburg
The Lord’s Diner Opens in Pittsburg
The Lord’s Diner Opens in Pittsburg

The Lord’s Diner in Pittsburg is prepared for an increase in traffic, with the potential of more people being in need of food assistance.

Despite the volunteer staff being decreased with the concerns over the spread of COVID-19, and the move to curbside service only, the Lord’s Diner is prepared to meet the demand.

“We anticipate serving more meals through this time,” says Laura Ramsey, Site Director for Lord’s Diner in Pittsburg, “But we are ready for that.”

Ramsey says they have received a large number of food donations in the last week from schools, casinos and other organizations around the community who have food to spare after being closed down. However, there are still things they need given the recent changes.

“We receive a lot of donations from people,” Ramsey adds, “Since we’re going to paper products, that’s a little bit more of an expense than what we normally have. So that’s a big one. The to-go boxes, plastic silverware, and napkins. We could always use those.”

The Lord’s Diner is open from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. It’s located at 406 N. Locust in Pittsburg. They are not serving meals in their dining hall at this time but will be doing curbside service, passing out meals at the front door nightly.