A longtime farm educator is finding new ways to teach

Releasing her second book, Ruth Zimmerman is onto her next adventure.

“I love filling this barn up with kids and teaching them how pumpkins grow.” 

For 25 years, Ruth Zimmerman and her husband hosted families and classes on their pumpkin farm in McCune, Kansas. 

Turtle's Day Out Ruth Zimmerman

“And we did not do it this fall, and I miss people.” 

Between her background in education and having raised five kids of her own, Ruth admits it was hard not seeing school buses pull up next to the barn this past year.  

So since people aren’t able to come here because of the COVID stuff, I decided to reach out to the people out there.” 

In fact, Ruth had started finding ways to do so before the pandemic – publishing her first children’s book less than two years ago. 

“Just one winter during the down season, had lots of time. So I sat at the computer and wrote several books about experiences we’ve had here at the farm. So that’s the idea, it was just looking for something to do that was different.” 

She’s recently published another one – titled “Turtle’s Day Out” – and that’s not all Ruth’s been up to over the past year.  

She started her own YouTube channel. 

“I think I’ve got about 19 videos on there to teach kids small things that we do here on the farm. I want them to learn about the farm and farm life.” 

Her first video has more than seven thousand views, and it’s Ruth at her best – sitting on that bail of hay in her favorite classroom, sharing what she loves. 

“Because I love people. I love the farm too and I love to teach, so it joined all three of those things together. 

“I really wanted to be a service to teachers and parents and kids so I was pleased, I felt like that goal was reached.” 

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Check out her YouTube channel: Born in a Barn