Logue continues impressive college career with 10th Big 12 title

Former Girard standout Cailie Logue is now a 10X Big 12 champion.
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AMES, Iowa – Cailie Logue had to dig deep last weekend to claim yet another Big 12 individual championship.

“Distance running kind of gets painful at a certain point. At those times, it’s really good to call upon emotional things and things that inspire you,” Logue says, “This last race, I was thinking of a time after one of my races in high school, I kind of exceeded expectations in that particular race. I was remembering how proud my grandpa was. My grandpa was a track coach for about 50 years in the state of Kansas. He was super invested in the sport. It just brings me a lot of joy to think about how happy and excited he was for me after that race. I try to think about things that are moving for me and override that pain.”

The former Girard standout swept the 5K and 10K races for Iowa State at the Big 12 outdoor track and field conference championships last weekend.

She now has an impressive 10 Big 12 individual titles between track and cross country in four years at Iowa State.

“It’s just a reflection of a really fun and rewarding experience I’ve had over the last four years,” Logue says, “Last weekend our main goal was to go out there and score as many points as possible as a team. We had a strong distance crew in the 5K and 10K. Topping it off with the titles was just the cherry on top of the sundae. It was super sweet and very fun. The last four years have been very rewarding.”

Logue has seen success from the start for the Cyclones.

She was the Big 12 Cross Country Newcomer of the Year as a freshman in 2017, earning All-Region honors and leading Iowa State to a Big 12 team title.

Since then, she’s continued to dominate the league and has become one of the best runners in the nation – winning Big 12 titles in cross country every year she has competed, and putting a target on her back for the rest of the league.

“I think there becomes more outside chatter involved with that,” Logue says of being the top cross country runner in the Big 12, “People like my coach will say “You have a target on your back when you’re racing.” Everyone likes to root for the underdog, including myself. Sometimes I like to reframe my mindset and make myself the underdog going into those races.”

How does a 10-time Big 12 champion make herself into an underdog in her mind?

“I think back to high school and I think of where I started,” Logue says, “I kind of thought of Kansas distance running as an underdog. I thought Kansas distance runners were under-represented. Kansas athletes aren’t slower or anything, they just don’t always get the same conditions as you would in a place like California or other places. You face more elements like wind and things like that. I look at it as my goal to represent the underdog as a state.”

Logue’s college success comes after massive success at the high school level. She was the Gatorade Cross Country and Track and Field Athlete of the Year in 2015 and 2016. She was a 4X high school cross country state champion and a 4X state champion in the 3200m – while also earning three state titles in the 1600m.

Although she’s a long way from where it started in Girard, she still feels the love from her hometown.

“I get emails or texts from people all the time. Friends from high school or family,” Logue says, “When I went to the national championships in 2019, one of my teammates did a Facebook thing where you could send a letter to me to read before my race. I got letters from people in Ames, but I got just as many letters from people back in southeast Kansas and the surrounding area, and even people I competed against in high school. It was sweet to get those, and I definitely feel supported from my hometown and beyond. It’s really cool, given that I am so far away from home.”

She’s almost done it all at Iowa State, but Logue still has things she wants to accomplish.

“I’ve never made it to a national championship in outdoor track and field. That will be my goal this next week at regionals,” Logue says, “I want to put myself in position to be an All-American if I can. On a larger scale…After you’ve been an All-American you’re like “let’s try to be a national champion now.” That is a dream of mine.”

And even after next school year – her final year at Iowa State – Logue doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“A lot of it depends on what opportunities I get after college,” Logue says of her running career, “I might go grad school, but I’ll still run on the side. I think I’ll be a runner for as long as I can. It brings a lot of joy and good things to my day and my life. Even after college, I’ll still be running somewhere.”