Local woman shares her story on a lost pregnancy

Local Woman Shares Her Story On A Lost Pregnancy (9/21/22)

JOPLIN, Mo.- A Joplin woman wants potential mothers to be aware of their options during pregnancy.

Mylissa Farmer was 18 weeks pregnant when she went in for a doctor’s appointment. The medical staff informed her that her water broke and she is developing a deadly infection. Due to premature water breaking, Farmer’s unborn child’s body did not develop. “And they told me that my water had broke fully, completely, that there was no amniotic fluid left, that she wasn’t to survive that there was no chance for her,” said Farmer. 

Originally, the medical staff agreed to perform an abortion on Farmer. However, after consulting the legal team, the medical staff told Farmer to seek an abortion out-of-state since the infection is still progressing.”It was because of the vote. Their legal team will not let them proceed because it’s too is too much of a heated and risky political environment right now,” said Farmer. 

Farmer called Missouri Senator Bill White but did not receive assistance. Farmer blames the Fetal Heartbeat law for her lack of options during this troubling time. “I said, Well, it feels like the law is trying to kill me. It feels like the state of Missouri is trying to kill me without options. And the doctors want help and you’re not able to help,” said Farmer. In this life-or-death situation, Farmer thought about endless possibilities. “I don’t want to orphan my child and leave him with the child. You know, there’s so many things that I just I can’t do because of this heartbeat law. It needs to be clear,” said Farmer. 

Conversely, Farmer and her partner drove to an abortion clinic in Illinois. Farmer and her partner are focusing on supporting and healing each other after the traumatic procedure.