Local woman raising funds, selling graphic tees for Granby animal shelter construction

The fundraiser ends on August 9th

GRANBY, Mo. – The East Newton Animal Coalition is in the process of building a much needed new animal shelter in Granby, as the current one is deteriorating.

“It’s all outside, it’s simply a concrete pad with wire things on it and an old garage door serves as the roof and its leaking, it’s cold, and hot in the summer and just not very good” said volunteer, Cathrine McFadden.

McFadden volunteers with the animal shelter and says construction for the new building has been stopped due to a lack of funds.

“We are short of what we need to actually put a building up and we have worked really hard for this for almost a year, we do have the concrete pad up so we still need a building and kennel for inside and outside.”

Seeing the struggle to continue with the new shelter, co-owner of Hello Sunshine Market Boutique in Granby, Sarah James decided to help out.

“With everything that goes into construction, you run into other things, and so with them needing some more funds we thought what better way for our shop to help out then to have a fun graphic tee and help raise money so they can continue the building of this new shelter.”

Sarah’s goal is to sell 100 t-shirts.

“I think we are at like 91 as of right now and if we sell 100 shirts we know we could raise $1300 and we have a local farm. Stevens Family Farm, that is going to match it $1000, so I really think it’s going to happen and we’re so excited to help out.”

Cathrine says the money raised will be extremely beneficial and can help them start construction back up in the next few weeks.

“I was super happy and grateful, it’s so great to have the community coming to help, they care about their community and about the animals I’m trying to help.”

“The love that is poured onto these animals without anything monetary happening, and she’s there every day taking care of them and I just felt like for me that’s huge and if I can help give in any way that will help support, I’m going to do everything I can to help” added James.

The fundraiser ends Sunday night, August 9th.

To purchase a t-shirt for the fundraiser click here.