Local Walmart stores shift to self-checkout

New Walmart May Have Big-Box Effect in Joplin Tornado Zone

JOPLIN, Mo. – Walmart stores in the four-states are undergoing big changes.

Walmart Corporate Communications confirms that the Neighborhood Market at 25145 Demott Drive in Joplin has gone to all self-checkouts. Walmart tells us after undergoing a front-end remodel, the store now has 12 self-checkout registers, one pay station and 0 traditional registers, increasing the total number of registers by two. They say before the remodel, the store had seven traditional registers and four self-checkout registers.

Walmart tells KOAM that the store did not loose any associates, instead making cashiers self-checkout hosts, online grocery pickup and other front end positions. Walmart says ten new associates have been hired, and they are currently hiring ten more.

But that’s not the only store seeing big changes. The Walmart Supercenter in Miami, Oklahoma at 2415 N Main St is also going to feature mostly self-checkout registers.

The store is currently undergoing a remodel that should be completed in April. Before the remodel, the store had 12 traditional registers, ten self-checkout registers and two pay centers. Once the remodel is complete, there will be 24 self-checkout registers, four traditional registers and the two pay stations. Again, Walmart says they did not let anyone go, and that they are currently hiring for additional associates.

Walmart also says that hosts are available to help customers with problems they encounter during the self-checkout process, or even to assist someone that needs help with the entire process.

The remodel at the Neighborhood Market was completed at the end of February, and so far some shoppers like the idea.

“It’s nice just to be able to go in there just slide your stuff, get it, get in and get out,” says Carl Junction resident David Hills. “I hope they, if they do do that with the machines that they at least use those employees maybe to do the grocery pickups.”

“I like it cause when I come here I take my little sisters, so and they can do it too cause they like, they think it’s cool that it beeps,” explains Carl Junction resident Mykah Strausbaugh.

And Milinda Venter says on Facebook, “I love self checkout. In fact, I wish they had Scan and Go like Sam’s Club. It’s so much faster.”

But others don’t like the idea.

Leonard Hopper says on Facebook, “They need to rethink this. It’s not just groceries people go for. It’s service and interaction.”

And Lydia Holloway adds, “It’s a huge mistake to eliminate cashiers. I can tell right away that this will alienate the elderly, visually impaired, and those who lack full motor functions.”

With Diane Siddons simply adding, “One more reason not to shop at Walmart.”