Local vets on hand as Pittsburg officials present a proclamation

Local veterans were on hand Friday in Pittsburg as city officials presented a proclamation.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Lambert, the head of Pittsburg State’s ROTC department, and Captain Chad Murrow, the Executive Officer of the local National Guard, helped commemorate the honor at the PSU Veterans Memorial.

The proclamation designates November as Military Family Appreciation Month.

“Without the structure of being around an active duty post, it’s kind of foreign to these communities whenever families are left behind without their spouses so it’s nice to see them gather around those families and support them while their soldiers are gone,” says Captain Murrow.

“It’s important because we leave our families behind and it’s good to know when we do have to go somewhere or deploy somewhere that we leave our families in a caring, loving neighborhood and city that will watch over them while soldiers are deployed elsewhere,” says Lieutenant Colonel Lambert.

The proclamation recognizes the commitment and sacrifices made by the families of four-state service members.