Local veterinary clinic changes the way they operate because of COVID-19

Clients are no longer allowed in the lobby, working through curbside drop off
Vet Clinic

JOPLIN, Mo. – Staying 6 feet apart from each other in the lobby of Paws Vet Clinic in Joplin, is not possible, so to protect themselves, their patients and their clients, they are changing the way they operate.

“We’re doing curbside drop off, people drive in, stop at the parking spot, give us a call, say okay I’m here, we send one of our staff out, pick up the animal, get whatever information you need, bring them in and we do what we need to do. We then call the client, do our check out over the phone and then bring the animal back out to you” said Veterinarian, Kristen Westhoff, DVM.

But there are some exceptions they are willing to make with this.

“If we absolutely have to have the client like for an animal that’s not cooperating without the owner there, we will have them check in outside, come in straight to the room, keep them in the room isolated from everyone else, do what we need to do, we’re usually wearing masks for that. Then as soon as they’re done, we have them check out over the phone and have them go straight outside. They don’t stop in the lobby to do anything” added Dr. Westhoff.

They are also doubling down on sanitizing the clinic.

“Lots and lots of sanitizing, I mean we’re going through and all the push buttons, door handles everything is getting sanitized on a daily basis, anytime we go out and talk to a client there’s masks and gloves involved” said Dr. Westhoff.

She says the changes do affect them though.

“It does slow us down a little bit because we have to go outside, get everything done, do everything over the phone, so we have to be extra careful we don’t miss stuff too.”

But that they are doing whatever they can to keep your pets healthy during this time.

“Medical cases don’t stop, so we have to take care of them and keep them healthy” added Dr. Westhoff.

She provided some tips as well, to help you keep your pets healthy at home during the stay at home order.

She advised that you
• Make sure they are getting proper food
• Proper exercise
• If they are used to getting a lot of exercise and now are not, make sure you are cutting back on food a little bit, so they do not get overweight.