Local veteran ministry holds 9/11 memorial event

WEBB CITY, Mo. –Charlie 22 outdoors, a veteran ministry with a mission to spread their word through the outdoors, hosted an event to remember 9/11.

The day started with a ceremony honoring those lost, as well as a prayer, and honoring the times that the planes crashed.  

Many veterans came out to their event as well to commemorate twenty years since America was attacked.

“So we decided a year ago to make this a special day to honor those this morning that were lost that day. and to celebrate those this afternoon that answered the call. first responders and military both,” said Scotty Hettinger, Director of Charlie 22 outdoors.

“It’s a day of our American history. And nobody needs to forget this day. This day should be not so much of a holiday, like the fourth of July. but a day that we set aside to remember those who gave their lives,” said a veteran and volunteer at the event, Jeremy Leibbrand. 

Many veterans that are part of Charlie 22 outdoors said their anxiety was raised following events in Kabul, which is why the organization wanted to ensure they were shown appreciation at the event.