Local teacher and children’s book author raises money towards student’s surgery

Proceeds from book sales, raffle
Local teacher and children’s book author raises money towards student’s surgery

A local Carl Junction teacher and children’s book Author and Illustrator goes by the name Izzy B, otherwise known as Isaiah Basye.

He’s been writing children’s books, according to him, since he was a kid.

“I tend to have a pretty strong audience, kids tend to like what I do, but mainly if they’re laughing, and we’re all having a good time *thumbs up*” he added.

Izzy B showed off his newest book, ‘Mr. Marvinni’s Marvelous Magical Clouds’ at the 3rd annual Writers Fair in Joplin. But he had more in mind than to just sign autographs and sell books.

“I have a student in the 4th grade, who has cerebral palsy, and in November he’s having a really intensive surgery. It’s kind of miracle surgery that will hopefully cure it and it’s very expensive. There’s lots of physical therapy and I want to take the stress of the money side for his parents, I mean obviously I can’t cover all of it, but I’m hoping to do a little just to ease their stress.”

He’s giving the proceeds from a raffle and a dollar from every book sold to 10 year-old Cooper Haskins surgery.

“I’ve always written books and my main goal obviously is to make kids laugh, but I want to do more with these blessings that I’ve been given and I don’t want to just have books for the sake of having books for entertainment, I want to take that and do more.”

The support from Izzy B and the community is overwhelming to Coopers mom. “Him and the rest of the community have been phenomenal, more than we could have imagined. Everybody has stepped forward and been so helpful and if you were to meet Cooper, he is very sweet and so lovable and I think his personality has helped this process go even smoother than what we imagined” said Krista Haskins, Coopers mom.

But there seems to be one thing that’s certain.

“Carl Junction is a small knit kind of community, and because of that people tend to pour out and give a lot, so when we hear that a kid, a really awesome kid like him is in need, we all pitch in to do something” added Izzy B.

Izzy B hopes to raise around $1,000 for Coopers surgery.


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