Local super markets dealing with increasing meat prices

Food prices see highest single month increase since 1974.

NEVADA, Mo. – Residents and grocery stores are seeing increasing meat prices because of processing plant closures.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of groceries grew 2.6%, including seasonal adjustments, in April — the largest single-month increase since 1974. The highest increases are in beef prices.

A Facebook user sent us this picture, showing the prices of a ten-pound roll of ground beef costs more than 70 dollars at Woods Super Market in Nevada. (Story continues below image)

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A representative with Woods says the prices for them have, in most cases, doubled.

The rep says they are making much less than they normally would on meat, partially because they are absorbing some of those costs.

For example, they say their cost for the lowest quality of ground beef is more than five dollars a pound. When it comes to something like Black Angus T-Bone steaks, they are selling them for $8.99 a pound, but it costs them $11 a pound to buy them from their supplier.

So they are even losing money on some meat products.

We also reached out to Muncy’s Supermarket, Food 4 Less and Ron’s Supermarket in Pittsburg. They all say the price of beef has increased to an “astronomical” amount.