Local State Representatives Assigned to Committees

Local State Representatives Assigned to Committees

The new legislative session began this week in Jefferson City and local state representatives were sworn in and assigned to their new committees.
One of the main issues Missouri lawmakers will have to work on is the state budget. The state is on track to have a $500 million deficit at the end of fiscal year 2018. Local State Representative Charlie Davis will serve on the budget committee for the next 2 years and he says it’s a great fit. He’s owned his own business and has been a treasurer for different churches and says he knows how to form a budget and stick to it.
He says they’ll have to do some creative budgeting but the real solution is to get the unemployed back to work.
” They ‘ re drawing welfare benefits, they’re on unemployment, they ‘ re getting food stamps etc., so if we can put those individuals, find jobs for them, let businesses create jobs then they go from being takers of tax payer revenue to they pay into the tax system, ” says Davis.
Davis will also serve on the appropriations committee, having a say in what the House Veterans Committee will get. He has been the chair of that committee for the past 4 years and will continue in that role. He will also serve on the new House Committee on Innovation and Technology.
MODOT salt trucks have been out the past few days ensuring the roads didn’t get slick, but the newly elected Chair of the House Transportation Committee says its MODOT’s budget that needs the most work. Local rep Bill Reiboldt says as the chair, he’s ready to get to work on the MODOT budget. While trucks were out in full force the past few days, he doesn’t necessarily think that being prepared is a waste of money.
“They had a game plan and they didn’t have to use as much of the salt and stuff that they would’ve had it been worse,” he says.

Other appointments include:

Bill Lant:

Special Committee on Litigation Reform

Bill White:

Litigation Reform Committee, House Judiciary Committee

Mike Kelley:

House Veterans Committee, House Ways and Means Committee

Cody Smith:

House budget, fiscal review, health and mental health policy committees