Local rotary club hosts annual Phonathon for the Lord’s Diner

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Pittsburg Noon Rotary club members today called on the community to help raise funds for The Lord’s Diner of Pittsburg.

This annual event asks residents to pledge or donate to the diner which provides nutritious meals to anyone in need.

All donations benefit the Diner, which now operates out of a food truck to better serve the community.

“The spirit of the cross section of people that come together to work on the Phonathon under Rotary’s leadership is consistent with the history of Pittsburg – a place where people have always come together from all walks of life, different religions and different professions to take care of others,” Rotarian Joe Dellasega said. “The response and collaboration with the Phonathon is inspiring…a true testament to the people that have chosen to call Pittsburg ‘home’.”

The Lord’s Diner serves healthy meals 365 days a year with roughly 300 meals served daily.

Officials with the non-profit say donations make this possible.

Click here to learn more, or donate here.