Local Retailer Sees Boost in Online Sales on Cyber Monday

Local Retailer Sees Boost in Online Sales on Cyber Monday
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After holiday shopping got off to a rough start on Black Friday, with an up to 7% decrease from last year,

local retailers are hoping sales will soar high after Cyber Monday.

“It’s a very big day. Economy- wise this is what everybody has pushed for in the industry and this is what we look forward to. We carry it through starting on Friday, Black Friday, and carry it through,” says General Manager Bill Beatty.

All hands are on deck in the call center at Joplin’s 3000toys.com and Beatty says Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year for business.

In the shipping center packers work double time to fill orders

“Right now we have about ten people working, on a normal Monday during the year we have about half this crew,” says Shipping Supervisor Kent Oliver.

3000toys.com hired extra packers to keep up with demand, shipping over twice the amount of orders worldwide.

“Most of these packages are multiple items. You have a lot of single. But a lot of people are buying for families, you know stuff like that, for a lot of kids,” says Oliver.

Beatty says shoppers are spending more online and expect up to a 15% increase in sales with some products up to 75% off.

“We have product today that have free shipping. Why take the gas to go down and fight the crowds, when you can sit at your desk and sit at home and purchase a deal online? And some time better in that case,” states Beatty.

3000 toys operates online only, but feels their call centers add a human touch.

“Just not internet, but we do have phone service that we can take care of our customers, and order, and take care of our customers. We’ve done that for nineteen years and we have a lot of repeat customers that come back to 3000 toys,” claims Beatty.

In Joplin, Diane Gerstenfeld KOAM News.