Local restaurants make big changes to adapt to restrictions due to COVID-19

Mis Arcos, Mother Road Coffee, start offering curb side pickup

CARTHAGE, MO. – If you visit Mis Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Carthage, the first thing you notice is the change in atmosphere.

“We were doing 150 to 250 buffets every morning. And then these changes happened,” says owner Manuel Maturino.

Now, the restaurant is completely empty because of restrictions meant to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s a big change. It’s a big challenge,” says Maturino.

To try and meet that challenge, Maturino has started doing curb-side pickup so that people can maintain social distancing but still get food.

“It has been working. We’re getting a lot of support from the Carthage folks,” says Maturino. “We’re also seeing people [from] Joplin, Webb City, Lamar, Jasper. We’ve been very blessed to have the Carthage community being behind us.”

Because of that support, Maturino says they haven’t seen a huge drop off in business.

But Mother Road Coffee shop hasn’t been so lucky.

“We’re right around a forty percent drop,” says owner Lee Bluejacket.

Lee Bluejacket just bought the coffee shop erlier this month, and has had to learn how to keep everything going in a short amount of time.

“To start making payments and take this over and to find out, wow, you’re business is fixin to get cut. And it has. We’ve suffered a little bit. But, the good thing about Carthage is and we are seeing is that a lot of the community will step up,” says Bluejacket.

He’s started doing curb side pickup, has tables set up outside, and is letting people come inside to order — making sure to limit the number to 10.

But both business owners say the only way they’re open today is because of the continued support of the community.

“Without them we wouldn’t be able to survive, and this coffee shop wouldn’t happen,” says Bluejacket.

“It does say that when tough times come, them people are going to be the ones to be there. And they have,” says Maturino.

Maturino says he is currently looking at ways he could start doing deliveries for people that live in Carthage.

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