Local real estate agent weighs in on how the coronavirus has impacted the industry

Many real estate agencies like Keller Williams are implementing more online activity
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JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin resident, Chris Endress, is packing up and moving to Wichita, and he said selling his house couldn’t have been easier.

“Within 24 hours, we already had people looking at it and had an offer within a couple days a formal offer was formalized within three or four days. I’ve sold a house a couple times and amazingly this is the smoothest its ever gone.”

And despite the coronavirus outbreak, real estate agent Jennifer Reaves with Keller Williams Realty says if you are looking to sell your home, right now is actually a great time.

“It’s a good time to sell because the inventory is down, normally we have about 35-40 percent more houses on the market than we do currently, so if you’re looking to sell, now is actually a good time and the buyers there are people that just have to buy, have to move, so the market is still moving.”

Because of the coronavirus however, Endress was a little worried about letting people inside to see the house, but he says he took extra precautions before doing so.

“Jennifer reassured me some and said there’s minimal touching of surfaces and I tried to be proactive and keep doors open of rooms and closets and also when we return we go through and spray down with Lysol and disinfectant with door handles and closets and just kind of treating the house kind of as a public place.”

Many real estate agencies like Keller Williams are implementing more online activity to take those extra precautions as well, communicating with clients over the phone, limiting the number of buyers at showings and providing virtual tours.

“Photography is important, we’re still doing that, professional photography for the houses, and we’re just making sure we’re having virtual tours going, video tours and just making sure everything is really out there and available for the buyers to see” added Reaves.

She says it’s definitely been a change but it’s one they are adapting to and making work.

“We can see a lot of movement still happening despite the situation we’re in right now.”

Reaves added that some closings on houses were delayed because of the coronavirus.

To buy or sell a home with Keller Williams Realty you can find their site here. And you can find virtual house tours on their Facebook page, Keller Williams Realty of Southwest Missouri.