Local Ranch Rescues Horses Nationwide

Local Ranch Rescues Horses Nationwide

A local horse rescue organization is using this Labor Day holiday weekend to raise awareness of their mission.
There are several shelters and groups in the four states that rescue cats and dogs for adoption to new loving homes.
But workers at a Joplin organization want to remind people there are other animals that need help too…

Leslie Smith is the co-owner of the Grumpy Horse Ranch and Rescue and that ranch — is named for this fellow here, but he’s not so grumpy anymore.
That’s thanks to the efforts of Smith and her team.
They take in the forgotten steeds and give them new life…and then offer them for adoption.
Smith: “You have to come out and meet the horses, these horses being through as much as they’ve been through…they pick their person.”
On average, there’s anywhere from 50 to 80 horses across the sprawling ranch, all of which, were abused, neglected, or even in line for a slaughter house.
And to rescue them, comes at a cost.
Smith: “The kill buyers across the country charge us a fee to get them out of there, anywhere from $400 to sometimes $1,200 for us to get them out of there, luckily, we have some great people across the country that help us fund raise for them.”
Once they’re rehabbed, you can pick your horse, which is exactly what Andrea Dickerson and her family came out to do.
Dickerson: “We wanted one that was calm and would be good with kids, and that would be a good horse for our kids to grow up with.”
And that’s exactly what they found.
Andrea, her kids, and her husband settled on this 10 year old mare.
Dickerson: “We’ve looked around at other places but, it is nice to be able to come closer to home and be able to find one that needs a good home.”
There are forms to fill out and an adoption contract, which ensures the horses don’t end up right back where the started, in abusive situations.
Smith says they’ve unfortunately had a horse they rescue pass away, because they were in such bad shape.
But despite that heartbreak…
Smith: “The rewards are there too, you know, rehabbing a horse from starvation and retraining it and then watching it find it’s person and go to a forever home.”
And thankfully, they were able to watch one more horse go off into that forever home.