Local police officer opens small business to reconnect with family

WEBB CITY, Mo. – Pina colada, strawberry kiwi, and crazy flavors like smurf and ninja turtle. Just a few of the almost hundred different flavors of teas, shakes, and smoothies that can be had at SalTea Sloth Nutrition. The new small business in Webb City offers nutritious drinks, many of them being keto or diet-friendly, that can give you a kick before a workout, a boost during the afternoon slump, or anything in between.

“It has honestly been a whirlwind. We never expected to be where we are right now,” says Misty Winningham, co-owner of SalTea Sloth Nutrition.

They’ve seen almost overnight success — having already grown a dedicated customer base and hitting more than three-thousand followers on social media in just over five weeks.

“We expected it to slowly ramp up. But we hit the ground running,” says Brad Winningham, Misty’s husband and co-owner.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still adjusting to the life of running a small business. That’s especially true for Brad, who spent nearly a decade in Law Enforcement, most recently serving as the Interim Police Chief for Oronogo PD.

“I’ve made a huge difference over the years in people’s lives, and it’s meant more than I can ever explain to me just to see the difference that I’ve been able to make and that people have made in my life. But, the climate and a bunch of other reasons, it was kind of time for me to focus more on my family,” says Winningham. “It’s different because it was such a big part of my life. It was my life. So, it’s a little different now. But I like it. I like the time I can now focus towards my family. I feel like it’s time for them to come first for a while.”

“It has been an adjustment. We’re used to seeing each other on the weekends, or in passing. So it’s been a big adjustment,” says Misty.

Around two weeks ago, he put down his badge at Oronogo and started working at SalTea Sloth Nutrition full time… trying to serve the community, but this time, with his family.

“It might just be talking to someone, listening to someone if they’re having issues or need someone to talk to. It’s the same thing up here. Anything we can do to help out anybody individually that needs it, we’re really happy to do that.”