Local pistol and archery range encourages gun safety with parents, kids

With gun safety being a major topic these days, one local business is working to ensure kids know how to be safe when handling something like a BB gun.

Jim Nelson and his son Jared have been coming to the “In the Bushes Pistol and Archery Range” for about a month. When they’re here, they get to take a BB gun and fire at some targets on the range. For Nelson, he says it’s important for his son to be prepared and safe. Jim Nelson says “I think I’d rather have him be prepared for something and know what he’s doing, rather than not knowing what he’s doing and end up hurting himself or someone else.”

Melissa Bush and her husband Dave run the range. Melissa says she started this event to bring parents and kids together for quality time, and to give them a safe place to practice. She says as a parent herself, she knows how important it is for the parents to be involved. Melissa Bush says “Kids only learn by parents and grandparents teaching them, you know, the adults teaching them, and they need a place where they can come and enjoy and do something with their parents.”

Nelson agrees. “I’d rather give him the skills that my dad gave me when I was a kid growing up, be responsible for what you’re doing, and if you know what you’re doing and you’re trained and you have schooling on it, I don’t see a problem in the future with it, if he knows that the gun is for hunting or practice shooting, I don’t see a problem with that.”

And Bush says safety is what they stress, to kids and adults alike. Bush says “We make them wear safety equipment, and just try to stress safety, when we’re putting the balloons down range, adding more balloons or bottles for them to shoot off, we make sure they put the bb guns down.”

Bush says she also uses the last Thursday of the month practices with kids and parents as a fundraiser opportunity for different charities.


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